No Exam Life Insurance Age 45 and Beyond

life insurance elderlyAre you a senior already? If you have an AARP subscription, then I think it is safe to say maybe! I believe some people prefer the phrase aged to perfection. By age 45 and beyond, you are likely looking at your life insurance portfolio.

All those fun, youthful years behind you may have brought about a few health issues. Rest assured there is affordable life insurance for you. At we help people of all ages, senior or aged to perfection!

Often our clients ask us if it’s possible to get life insurance at their age. While not all life insurance is the same, you can secure this type of policy. For a summary of the best no exam life insurance for seniors, you can read this post. More information on no exam life insurance in general can be found here. Continue reading

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American National No Exam Life Insurance Review

american national no exam reviewHave you heard of ANICO for life insurance? American National No Exam Life Insurance is one of the leading providers for no exam life insurance. The question is, can you trust them?

Choosing a life insurance provider is crucial. You want to be sure that the premiums you pay will guarantee protection for your beneficiary. After all, the insurance company is making a promise to your loved ones. Continue reading

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No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

no exam life insurance for seniorsIf you are a senior looking for life coverage, you’ve come to the right place! Despite what you may have heard, several companies offer no exam life insurance for seniors. This article will review the best life insurance for seniors that do not require a medical exam to assist you as you research your options.

Life insurance for seniors with no physical are plans that make the process much easier to apply. They will also eliminate certain factors that can increase the price or result in a denial of coverage.  Anytime you add an exam or medical record to the process; the insurance company will have more information to review. Continue reading

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Life Insurance for a Divorce – Infographic

Regardless of whether you are happy or sad about divorcing your spouse, settling your affairs legally can stir up a roller coaster of emotions. The good news is securing the required life insurance policy is simple if you know where to turn.

I’d like to share with you 5 tips you should consider when shopping for the life insurance coverage your attorney has asked you to provide. You may be feeling overwhelmed with and unsure of how to take care of this properly. As a practicing life insurance agent, I’ve helped many clients satisfy their life insurance for divorce requirements in a simple and stress-free fashion. More often than not, a no exam term life insurance policy can be in place in under 72 hours. Continue reading

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Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Review

sagicor no exam life insurance reviewWho exactly is Sagicor? Sagicor has been in business for 175 years, has an AM best rating of BBB-, has over $5 billion in assets, is publicy traded with offices in FL, AZ, and OK, and has over 600,000 policy holders.

Perhaps you’ve been offered a Sagicor no exam life insurance plan and wonder if it’s too good to be true? Rest assured you are in the right place for advice, with over 400+ positive reviews on ShopperApproved, is the authority on no exam life insurance. Below is our in depth Sagicor no exam life insurance review. Continue reading

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Life Insurance Rates By Age

Getting a life insurance quote online can often result in being bombarded by calls or emails from aggressive agents seeking a commission. That is why we have decided to publish sample life insurance rates by age and gender to help our customers make an informed decision.

We have assembled various life insurance rates by age below for you to get an estimate of what it will cost based on term length, coverage amount, and age. We present rates for no exam life insurance policies as well as policies that do require an exam.

Should you find these rates to be satisfactory, please call 888-407-0714 to speak with a licensed agent. You can apply online or over the phone in just a few minutes. Continue reading

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How Long Does It Take To Get Life Insurance?

clockIf buying life insurance was as easy as grabbing dinner at your favorite fast food joint, everyone would have it. The reality is that getting approved for a policy is a little more complicated than pulling up to a drive-thru window and for some people, it’s not a quick process. However, we are here to make it easy to buy life insurance online.

So, how long does it take? The length of time it takes to get your policy approved depends on a number of factors and it’s different for everyone. If buying life insurance is on your to-do list, knowing what the process involves can give you an idea of when you’ll get the green light on coverage. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to get life insurance if you opt for a fully underwritten policy. If you choose a life insurance policy that does not require a medical exam, you can get life insurance in as little as 24 hours.
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No Exam Life Insurance For Diabetics

medical conditions that affect life insuranceIf you have diabetes and are searching for life insurance coverage, you have come to the right place for advice! Many people who have diabetes are unsure of where to turn to buy their policy.

Although having diabetes has created challenges for you to stay healthy, it does not mean you are unable to get life insurance.

I’d like to outline a few of the key characteristics insurance companies will look at to make an approval. This article will review life insurance for diabetes with no exam required. Continue reading

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Life Insurance and Anxiety

anxietyLife insurance companies screen for physical health conditions before giving an applicant the green light on a policy but that’s not the only thing they look for. Insurers also consider whether you have any mood disorders that might affect your mortality risk.

Anxiety is a common condition that can impact your ability to get approved for coverage. If you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you need to know what to expect when applying for life insurance.
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