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AAA No Exam Life Insurance Review


AAA is known for its roadside assistance program. However, the company also offers a variety of financial planning products, including life insurance. AAA's life insurance portfolio includes whole, universal, and term life. The company's ExpressTerm policies allow you to get term life insurance without taking a medical exam. Coverage decisions are instant and applications can be completed online in as little as 10 minutes. Not everyone will qualify for a no exam policy from AAA, but TermExpress can be a great option for young and health applicaticants. Read on to learn more about AAA's no exam offering.

AAA ExpressTerm Insurance Overview

AAA offers up to $500,000 in coverage without the need for a medical exam through their ExpressTerm policies. These policies have term lengths of between 10 and 30 years and are available to applications between 20 and 75 years old. You don't need to be a AAA member to apply for a policy, but AAA members are eligible for a 10 percent discount on their monthly premiums.

You can read more key details about AAA ExpressTerm policies below:

How much does AAA no exam life insurance cost?

The cost of your AAA no exam life insurance policy will depend on factors such as the amount of coverage you buy, the term length you select, and your life insurance rate classification. Your life insurance rate classification is the group you're placed in after going through the life insurance underwriting process. It's a reflection of how risky the life insurance company underwriters have determined it is to offer you a policy. Underwriters evaluate this risk by looking at your:

If AAA's underwriting determines that you're low risk, you'll be placed in the best rate class, and you'll receive the best life insurance rates. You can get quotes from AAA and other life insurance providers to see estimates of what your rates might look like.

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What questions does the application ask?

Although it's possible to get an AAA ExpressTerm policy without a medical exam, you will need to answer questions about your health during the application process. AAA's application will ask you about any health conditions you have now and about any health conditions you've had in the past. You'll also need to answer questions about your family's health history. AAA accelerated underwriting technology will compare the information you provide with information available in consumer databases, so it's important to be truthful on your application.

Questions that disqualify you if you answer yes

There's no available information online about what specific conditions or factors will result in the denial of your AAA ExpressTerm application. Some common reasons insurance companies deny applications for no exam life insurance include:

Questions that can affect underwriting if you answer yes

Other conditions and factors are less likely to cause an automatic decline but could still cause your rates to rise. Additionally, while one or two of these factors won't cause a denial, having several of them often will.

How to buy AAA no exam life insurance

You can purchase an AAA TermExpress policy online. You'll start by getting a quote on the AAA website. The quote form will ask for your age, height, weight, and information about the policy you want to purchase. You can continue on to the application if the price you're quoted fits your budget and needs. The application will ask for more information about your health and the policy you're interested in. One of three things will happen when you submit your application:

If your policy is approved, you can purchase it immediately. AAA states that in many cases the entire process of buying an ExpressTerm policy can be completed in 10 minutes. If you need to take an exam, AAA will guide you through the process of scheduling your appointment.

You can also call AAA to have an agent help with your application. You can call (888) 469-4188 to get a quote directly from an agent and then apply over the phone. You'll still be able to be approved instantly if your application qualifies.

AAA financial ratings

Customers put their trust in insurance companies. It's important to be sure that trust isn't misplaced That's why financial rating companies evaluate the financial strength of every insurance company in the United States. They give companies ratings based on how likely it is a company will be able to meet its financial obligations both now and in the future. AAA is considered a financially solid and trustworthy company. Currently, they have an A from A.M. Best.

AAA complaints

Complaints against insurance companies are monitored and tracked by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). NAIC averages this data every year for each insurance company to come up with a score. This score is called the NAIC complaint index. The baseline, or average, score on the complaint index is 1.0. Any company with a score above 1.0 is a company that has received more complaints than average, and any company with a score below 1.0 is a company that has received fewer complaints than average. AAA currently has a complaint index score of .98. This means it receives slightly fewer complaints than the average for all insurance companies.

How to cancel AAA life insurance

AAA requires a written cancellation request. You can send your cancellation request by fax or by postal mail. Your request should include the policy number, your signature, and the date. Send your completed cancelation notice to:

Fax: 1-734-591-6602


AAA Life Insurance Company

17900 N. Laurel Park Drive

Livonia, MI 48152

You'll need to call AAA customer service separately to stop any automatic payments you have set up.

How to file a life insurance claim with AAA

AAA offers three ways to begin a claim. You can contact AAA by email, postal mail, or fax.  You can use this address if you choose to write to AAA:

 AAA Life Insurance Company

 17900 N. Laurel Park Drive

Livonia, MI 48152

To reach out by fax or email you can use:

Fax: 1-888-223-1509

Email: claimssvc@aaalife.com

You'll need to provide AAA with some information about yourself, the policyholder, and any beneficiaries. It's best to send as much information as you can. This includes:

If you're not sure what information to send, or if you don't know how to locate some of this information, you can contact AAA.  You can call (888) 223-1509 to reach a claims specialist. You can't start a claim over the phone, but a specialist can help you gather the right information to send along with your insurance claim.

How long does it take for AAA to pay a claim?

AAA doesn't offer any information about long their claims process takes. However, as a rule, most insurance claims can be processed quickly once the company has all the information they need and if there is no investigation. An AAA claims specialist can let you know if AAA has the information they need to process your claim and might be able to give you an idea of the timeline.

AAA customer service contact info

You can contact AAA using these methods: