North American vs Protective Life Insurance

North American and Protective are two solid life insurance companies. Rest assured you can't make a bad choice if you have narrowed it down to North American and Protective. See our side by side comparison below to see how these two companies stack up. We have included financial ratings, current leadership, assets, and premium in force for both North American and Protective.
    John D. Johns
    All 50 States
    111 Congresional Blvd., Suite 500 Carmel, IN 46032

    2010 Optimas Award from Workforce Management Magazine

  • PROS
    • Financially sound.
    • Competitive, comprehensive rates.
    • Flexible health guidelines.
  • CONS
    • Approval can take awhile.
    • Low tolerance for smoking.
    Esfandyar Dinshaw
    All 50 States
    North American Company One Sammons Plaza Sioux Falls, SD 57193
  • PROS
    • Over 100 Years in Business
    • Approvals for People with Health Consideration
    • Financial Strength and Ratings
  • CONS
    • Don't currently allow for electronically signed policies

Compare Other Options

1st place trophy

Health IQ is a unique life insurance brokerage that gets you special rates if you live an active lifestyle. If you exercise a few times per week, you can qualify for lower rates. Click below to get an accurate quote.

2nd place trophy

AIG, also know as American International Group, has been in business since 1919. AIG's strong financial rating, product selection and competitive pricing earns it the #2 spot.

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Banner is a subsidiary of Legal & General, and have been in business since 1836. They hold an A+ financial rating and have some of the most competitive rates. This earns them the #3 spot.

SOURCE Protective North American
JD Power 774 N/A
AM Best A+ A+
Moody's A1 N/A
Fitch A+ A+
Standard & Poor AA- A+
Comdex Score 92 93
SOURCE Protective North American
Total Assets $75 Billion USD (2016) $25.6 billion
Life Insurance in Force $767.3 Billion $120 billion
Protective North American
Term Life InsuranceAddvantage Term
Whole Life InsuranceUniversal Life Insurance (Custom Accumulator, Custom GrowthCV, Custom Guarantee, Custom Term GUL)
Universal Life InsuranceIndexed Universal Life (Builder Plus IUL, Builder IUL, Guarantee Builder IUL, Rapid Builder IUL, Survivorship GIUL)
Variable Universal Life Insurance
Indexed Universal Life Insurance
Survivorship Universal Life Insurance
Life Insurance for Children
Protective North American
Protective Custom Choice UL Addvantage Term
Protective Advantage Choice ULUniversal Life Insurance (Custom Accumulator, Custom GrowthCV, Custom Guarantee, Custom Term GUL)
Protective Classic Choice TermIndexed Universal Life (Builder Plus IUL, Builder IUL, Guarantee Builder IUL, Rapid Builder IUL, Survivorship GIUL)
Protective One Year Term
ProClassic II
ProClassic Legacy
Protective Classic Choice Term
Investors Choice VUL
Strategic Objective VUL
Survivorship Term
Survior UL
Protective Whole Life
Protective North American
Accidental death benefit riderWaiver of monthly deduction
Accelerated death benefit riderChildren's Life Insurance Rider
Waiver of premium riderWaiver of Term Premium for Disability Rider
Disability income rider
Guaranteed insurability rider
Term insurance rider
Children’s term rider
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January 1, 1970
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