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life insurance elderlyAre you a senior already? If you have an AARP subscription, then I think it is safe to say maybe! I believe some people prefer the phrase aged to perfection. By age 45 and beyond, you are likely looking at your life insurance portfolio.

All those fun, youthful years behind you may have brought about a few health issues. Rest assured there is affordable life insurance for you. At noexam.com we help people of all ages! Seniors life insurance is one of our specialties.

Often our clients ask us if it’s possible to get life insurance at their age. While not all life insurance is the same, you can secure this type of policy. For a summary of the best no exam life insurance for seniors, you can read this post. We have also reviewed the best life insurance companies for 2018.

Possibilities of Coverage

Seniors have different insurance needs. Depending on where they are in life and what they want to have covered when they die. Some are looking for only burial life insurance with no waiting period. If your lifestyle requires you to secure more coverage, then you can buy up to $500,000 with without an exam. Give us a call to discuss your life insurance needs 888-407-0714.

Let’s go over the options for those over age 45. We will review the process for applying and show you some sample rates. You will be surprised to see how simple and affordable this type of life insurance can be.

Application Process

1) Speak with a licensed agent who can shop rates for you

2) Provide date of birth, height, weight and medication history

3) Answer a few medical and lifestyle questions

There you have it! These three steps summarize how easy it is to get life insurance age 45 and up! The approval can be made the same day. In most cases, you will need to allow about 24-72hrs for policy. This is an excellent turnaround time.

How much does a term policy without an exam cost?

Below are various sample rates for term life insurance coverage that will not require an exam.

Sample Rates for a Male Age 45 $250k of Coverage Non Smoker Preferred

SBLI10 Year $23.0120 Year $38.1230 Year $60.42
North American15 Year $38.7220 Year $45.7630 Year $67.32
Sagicor10 Year $38.6015 Year $50.8520 Year $63.08

Sample Rates for a Female Age 45 $250k of Coverage Non Smoker Preferred

SBLI10 Year $20.5920 Year $29.1730 Year $46.62
North American 15 Year $38.7220 Year $45.7630 Year $67.32
Sagicor10 Year $38.6015 Year $50.8520 Year $63.08

Sample Rates for a Male Age 55 $250k of Coverage Non Smoker Preferred

SBLI10 Year $50.5015 Year $68.0020 Year $95.42
Sagicor10 Year $83.6715 Year $112.4820 Year $142.92
Mutual of Omaha15 Year $218.5020 Year $260.77NA
Phoenix10 Year $185.5720 Year $265.5530 Year $360.04

Sample Rates for a Female Age 55 $250k of Coverage Non Smoker Preferred

SBLI10 Year $37.9415 Year $47.9920 Year $60.78
Sagicor10 Year $60.7915 Year $72.0620 Year $108.66
Mutual of Omaha15 Year $206.2620 Year $244.97NA
Phoenix10 Year $140.4120 Year $165.6530 Year $203.62

We have conversations daily with older consumers looking for online life insurance. Their most common concern is about a waiting period. When you buy no exam life insurance plans, they are effective upon approval and payment. That is because your eligibility is based on your prescription history and medical information bureau report.

Would it be better to take an exam?

As you can see above non-med term life insurance is priced affordably. Professionally, I would not suggest for anyone in the senior age range to take an exam.

For comparison sake, here are a few preferred rates with an exam for a male age 55 $250k non smoker.

Banner10 Year $48.1220 Year $79.0530 Year $155.44
AIG10 Year $51.8120 Year $79.2830 Year $153.45
Prudential10 Year $54.0020 Year $88.8830 Year $169.65
Mutual of Omaha10 Year $52.8920 Year $88.7730 Year $166.86

Before you take an exam be aware of the approval process and a potential rate increase.

With an Exam

If you decide that taking an exam is the direction you would like to go, here is what you need to know:

Typically the review time frame will run 30-60 days. The insurance company will look through your medical files from the doctors you have visited in the past 5-10 years. The final price is calculated after taking into consideration your lab results and records. If needles or doctor’s visits make you uncomfortable, then an exam can make your rate higher. Here is an article covering what life insurance companies look for in a health exam.

Most of the time after the company reviews your medical records, it can set the stage for additional questions. Now, if you are a senior that has not kept up with routine doctor visits, this will likely cause the company not to offer you a policy.

Both exam and no exam options will base their offers on your age, build, tobacco use, family history and medications. The no exam plans are simplified and do not require as much detail in turn making the process easier on you to apply for coverage.


The best thing you can do to get coverage is to work with a licensed agent who has experience with this type of life insurance.

At noexam.com, we have a seasoned team of life insurance professionals ready to help you review the best life insurance options for seniors. That is if you are inclined to call yourself a senior!

There’s no shame in getting older. In fact, it is a perfect time to organize your life insurance plans. You can get started with your policy today by heading over to noexam.com/apply-now.

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Jonathan Holloway
November 2, 2018
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