SBLI Life Insurance Review

sbli no exam life insurance reviewI’m sure you’ve seen the ads SBLI life insurance as you research buying life insurance online. The internet has that persistent feature where ads seem to follow you around after you express interest in a product or service.

Securing life insurance to protect your beneficiary from financial burden is a smart decision! I am glad you have stepped out to see what life insurance options are available to you. It’s my goal to help educate you about SBLI life insurance as well as a few other options you can consider.

I bet you are asking yourself these questions:

  • Who the heck is SBLI?
  • Are they a good company?
  • How does the plan work?
  • What’s the catch?

As a life insurance agent, I have knowledge and experience with SBLI. Allow me to share with you what I know to help make your search for coverage go a lot smoother.

SBLI is short for Savings Bank Life Insurance. SBLI is an A(Excellent) Rated life insurance carrier by A.M. Best. A.M. Best is the standard third party rating service for insurance companies. They are the ones that determine just how capable a company is on paying your claim. When it comes to life insurance coverage, signing up with a stable company should be the 1st priority.

SBLI No Exam Life Insurance Company Facts

  1. Founded in 1907
  2. Located in Woburn, MA
  3. Over 1 Million Policyholders
  4. A.M. Best Rating A(Excellent)
  5. Standards & Poor Rating A-(Strong)
  6. Better Business Bureau Rating A+

Why SBLI Life Insurance?(Video)

SBLI Life Insurance Review

Savings Bank Life Insurance does offer term life insurance coverage up to $500,000 with no medical exam. There is no catch! The policy provided is a standard, level term life policy. Once you get approved, and your premium is paid you the coverage is in force. There is no waiting period for benefits to kick in.

Samples SBLI Rates

GenderAgeCoverage AmountTerm LengthPrice
Male30 Years Old$100,00020 Year term$11.48/month
Female30 Years Old$100,00020 Year term$10.01/month
Male40 Years Old$100,00020 Year Term$15.53/month
Female40 Years Old$100,00020 Year Term$13.32/month
Male49 Years Old$100,00020 Year Term$27.65/month
Female49 Years Old$100,00020 Year Term$21.16/month

Disclaimer: Rates are based on Standard, Non-Smoker as of 01/2017. Actual rates and availability may vary by state and health profile.

What If I have health issues?

SBLI no exam life insurance will review your request for coverage even if you have health treatments. The application process will include an application with health questions, a prescription profile, MIB report and most often medical records review.

This company is a good match people with mild health issues. I have found they can be conservative with their underwriting assessments. If you’d like to see what other no exam life insurance options are available, please click here.

How long will the approval take?

SBLI no exam life insurance plan has an approval timeframe of anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. When I say weeks, I mean 4-6 weeks. It depends on how quickly your doctor’s office will release your medical records.

Although their prices are competitive, some alternatives that offer a faster process while still offering great rates!

If you’d like coverage sooner and do not want any medical records ordered, consider choosing either Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance or North American No Exam Life Insurance. These two alternatives are reliable companies that offer competitive prices and a much faster turn around time. Your policy approval is anywhere from 15 minutes to 24-72hrs! See this page for reviews of the best no exam life insurance companies and options.

Comparisons between these three no exam life insurance options

Disclaimer: Rates below are comparing $100,000 20 year term life coverage priced at lowest rate class as a non-smoker. Actual rates and availability may vary by age, state and health profile.

GenderAgeSBLINorth AmericanSagicor

Our licensed agents can help you find the best no exam life insurance plan for your situation. Please call us at 888-407-0714.

At, we value your time and promise to offer life insurance with no hassle! We want to help you get this taken care of so you can get back to spending time with the ones you love the most.

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