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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Reviews

Buying No Medical Life Insurance Online

  • no medical exam

    No Medical Exam

    The application process is easy. The simple questionnaire will show you coverage options to buy online. No medical exam or waiting period.

  • easy to qualify

    Easy to Qualify

    Answer our short medical health application to see if you qualify for immediate coverage.

  • low monthly payments

    Low Monthly Payments

    Fixed monthly rates that will never change during the level term period of your no exam term life insurance policy.

How to Buy Life Insurance Online

  • Step 1: Get a quote by visiting
  • Step 2: Compare quotes and choose a policy that meets your financial needs.
  • Step 3: Complete the online application or call 888-407-0714 to complete over the phone.
  • Step 4: E-sign the application to submit it to the life insurance company for decision.
  • Step 5: Await the decision on your application.

Secure Online Life Insurance Application

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  3. Receive Your Policy Via E-Mail only uses your information to provide instant online life insurance quotes. Select a quote and buy no medical exam life insurance online in under 15 minutes. Our carriers consist of A.M. BEST life insurance carriers with a proven track record of financial stability. Learn more about about the best life insurance carriers here. Shop no medical exam life insurance policies today. Getting an online life insurance policy is quick and easy with our secure online life insurance application.

Choose Your Monthly Payments

Create your own monthly payment plan for your insurance coverage with our payment date options tool. With flexible payment options you can rest assured your policy premium payments are scheduled to your own convenience.

Your premium payments do not change at any point during the duration of your coverage.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with your no medical term life insurance policy you may cancel at any time within the first month and receive a full refund of your first months premium payment. A policy cancellation must be done within each applicants “free look” period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is no medical exam term life insurance?

It is a life insurance policy that does not have the paramedical exam. Buying a life insurance policy comes with an invasive medical exam, unless you opt for a no exam policy. You will hear it referred to as many different names, but it all refers to a term policy that does not need the exam.

Can you really get life insurance without an exam?

Yes. All thanks to big data. Almost all insurance companies offer term products without the exam. All the available data can determine risk almost as good as blood and urine analysis.

How much life insurance can you get without an exam?

Currently the industry standard is $1,000,000. Up until recently it was $400,000. You can expect that number to increase as demand grows. You can also stack policies, where you can buy two $500,000 policies for a total of $1,000,000 of coverage.

What is the catch?

There is not a catch. The cost will be less cheap than it would be if you were to choose a product that requires an exam. The average consumer thinks it is too good to be true, but the reality of it is simple. It costs more to have an exam than it does to check the many data sources to determine mortality risk.

Life insurance companies are creating products that do not have the costly need of an exam. It is a race to provide the best customer experience and pricing. The consumer wins as they get a cheaper product that is easier to buy.

How much does it cost?

Life insurance rates depend on your age, gender, height and weight, and many other factors. Here is a page containing sample life insurance rates. Depending on the term length, coverage amount, age, and gender the price can range from $10/month to over $100/month.

No Exam Life Insurance Rates


Is it term life insurance?

All the life insurance products we sell are term life insurance. . When you see no exam life insurance advertised, it is almost always a term life insurance product. Of course you will want to ask and verify that it is term life insurance if that is the type of policy you are looking for. It is your responsibility to review your life insurance policy before signing it. It is also a good idea to only shop with reputable companies if you choose to buy online. Check their online ratings and BBB report to avoid a bad experience.

Do you need to work with an agent to buy it?

Whether you buy online or in person, you will be working with an agent. The difference with buying online is that the communication with an agent shrinks. The online experience allows you to shop rates and compare before buying. It also allows you to avoid the hard sell that some agents try to do with face to face clients.

It is not worth it to an independent life insurance agent to sell you a $400 policy. Many face to face agents get a bad rap for trying to sell clients expensive policies that aren’t necessary. They need to make that big commission, and get encouragement to up-sell you all the way to the bank. The online shopping experience avoids that.

Can I buy life insurance online?

Yes. Everyday thousands of consumers buy no medical exam life insurance online. There are dozens of companies offering this service, including us here at

How long does it take to get a policy in place?

For a no exam policy the decision time can vary depending on the company you choose. You can expect a decision in the range of 1 to 48 hours. Read more on Read more on life insurance approval times.

What are the downsides to not taking an exam?

You might end up paying more for life insurance than you would if you took an exam. Though many policies are the same price. With our policies you don’t have to take time off of work to accommodate an appointment.

Are there any age limits?

There are limits to how much coverage you can buy and the term length depending on your age. For example, if you are 60 you wont find companies willing to offer a 30 year term policy without an exam. See this article for info on no exam life insurance for seniors.

Do the rates go up over time?

As long as it is term life insurance with level premium, the rate will not go up over time. We stress the importance of reading over your policy at the e-signature stage. It is your responsibility as a consumer.

Are there health questions on the application?

Yes. The application consists of health questions, lifestyle questions, and family medical history questions. Answering yes to certain questions on the application can disqualify you.

What if I have existing health conditions?

Many health issues are acceptable. It is important to note that having certain medical conditions like high blood pressure can put you into the next health class. If you have existing health conditions you can still get coverage, but it may not be as cheap.

Am I eligible?

Most people under the age of 65 can get a life insurance policy without taking the exam. The coverage amount and term length you are eligible will vary the older you are. Every day we have customers looking for no exam life insurance over age 60, and we help them get coverage in place.

How can the insurance provider offer life insurance without the exam?

Insurance companies perform many checks on applicants to determine risk. They check credit profile, driving record, prescription report, and MIB (medical informations bureau). This combined with the medical questions can determine if they can offer coverage.

What are the Top No Exam Life Insurance Companies

Company NameFinancial RatingMax Amount of No Exam CoverageAges AvailableAverage Approval TimeGet a Quote
SagicorA- Excellent$1,000,00018-6524-72 hoursSee Rates
North AmericanA+ Superior$500,00018-60Less than 1 hourSee Rates
American NationalA$250,00018-652-5 DaysSee Rates
American AmicableA+ Superior$500,00018-752-7 DaysSee Rates
PhoenixB$500,00018-801-7 DaysSee Rates
FidelityA- Excellent$250,00018-651-7 DaysSee Rates
Mutual of OmahaA+ Superior$400,00018-652-5 DaysSee Rates
GerberA$100,00018-507-14 DaysSee Rates

Compare the Top No Exam Life Insurance Products Available

Product NameTerms AvailableRiders AvailablePhone Interview RequiredAverage Approval TimeGet a Quote
Sage Term (Sagicor)10, 15, 20Accidental death benefit, childrens term, waiver of premiumNo24-72 hoursSee Rates
LifeVue Term (North American)15, 20, 30Accelerated Death BenefitYesLess than 1 hourSee Rates
Signature Term Express (American National)10, 15, 20, 30Critital, Chronic and Terminal IllnessNo2-5 DaysSee Rates
Term Made Simple (American Amicable)10, 15, 20, 30Critital, Chronic and Terminal IllnessNo2-7 DaysSee Rates
Safe Harbor Term (Phoenix)10, 15, 20, 30Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness, UnemploymentNo1-7 DaysSee Rates
Fidelity10, 15, 20, 30Dependent child, accidental death, accelerated death benefitNo1-7 DaysSee Rates
Mutual of Omaha15, 20, 30Disability, waiver of premium, residential damage, refund all premiumsYes2-5 DaysSee Rates
Gerber10, 15, 20, 30N/ANo7-14 DaysSee Rates

Who are these companies, how long have they been in business, are they reputable? Well…

The Top No Medical Life Insurance Companies Backgrounds and Reviews

Sagicor Life Insurance

sagicor no exam life insurance reviewSagicor is one of the most popular choices for customers looking for quick coverage. Their no exam policies can get approved in minutes, and their rates are competitive. Sagicor has been in business for 175 years and has over 600,000 policy holders. They also are publicly traded with offices in FL, AZ, and OK. They currently have over $5 billion in assets. Read our full Sagicor life insurance review.

North American Company

North American no exam life insuranceAnother great choice for quick and easy coverage is North American. Their no exam policies can get issued in real time over the phone with an agent. They have been in business for over 100 years as part of Sammons Financial Group. North American gets rated as A+ with AM Best, as opposed to Sagicor’s BBB-. They have more than 595,000 life insurance and annuity policies on the books. They also have over $22 billion in assets and $117 billion of life insurance in force.

Fidelity Life

fidelity life insurance reviewFidelity began with the focus of helping middle Americans get life insurance. The company holds an AM Best rating of A-, and has over $405 million in total assets. They currently have over $30 billion of life insurance policies in force. The no exam policies from Fidelity over coverage up to $1,000,000 with turnaround times in 24-48 hours.

United of Omaha Life Insurance

mutual of omaha reviewFounded in 1926, United of Omaha has some great options for those in search of fast coverage. Their financial strength rates A+ with AM Best. Their total assets come in at $38.5 billion and they have over $300 billion of life insurance in force.

What about price?

Cheapest/Most Affordable No Medical Life Insurance Policies

The following quotes are for a healthy, non smoking 35 year old female. The rates shown are for a 15 year term with $100,000 of coverage.

CompanyCoverageTerm LengthRate
Sagicor Sage Term$100,00015$9.83
North American Life Vue Term$100,00015$12.94
Phoenix Safe Harbor Term$100,00015$17.35

Where can I start?

Get a Quote and Compare No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Rates

To get a custom quote for a no exam life insurance policy from the top companies, click here. We offer customers the ability to compare different rates and apply online. Our licensed agents are available at 888-407-0714.