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Welcome to the new era of buying life insurance. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for individuals and families to shop for and buy life insurance online within a matter of minutes.

Life insurance, Meet Technology

Hello, my name is Jonathan Fritz. I am the founder and CEO of noexam.com.

After an onset sudden illness that led to an unexpected loss of a family member, I felt a nudge to dedicate my life to helping others understand the world of life insurance. My career began at a big box corporation where I educated my local community on the various forms of life insurance. As my passion evolved I grew to be a student of the life insurance industry. During this time, I discovered that the life insurance industry was facing a similar challenge that many other industries have faced. That challenge was that consumerism is changing.

Initially, our company entered the market to serve the middle class by offering term life insurance online. In our founding years, our team identified the misalignment between the modern consumer and the traditional buying process.

Our three biggest observations were:

  • When consumers are shopping online they expect instant or quicker gratification. Many online shoppers simply don’t have the time to participate in the traditional buying process.
  • Our customers loved the idea of doing research on their own. Even more, driving the buying process when it comes to their life insurance process.
  • Term life insurance is a consumer educated market. While we have a glossary of resources, term life insurance is fairly easy to research and self-educate.

With that we founded noexam.com as a resource to middle market consumers researching life insurance online. What’s the difference? We have removed the friction out of the traditional buying process by working with insurance companies to offer coverage via accelerated underwriting. This simplifies the buying journey by leveraging technology to electronically validate information provided by an applicant throughout the application process.

This is personal:

Life insurance is a personal decision, we respect that. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to help you make an informed decision. That decision can end up being the biggest one you have made for your family. Enjoy the convenience of researching competitively priced life insurance without the hassle.

Jonathan Fritz President and CEO of noexam.com

There is not a morning, day, or evening I don’t think about how to make the life insurance buying process easier to navigate for you.

  • Education: Risk Management & Insurance
  • Experience: 10 Year Life Insurance Veteran
  • Endowment: MDRT Top of The Table Recipient (Top 1%)

Quick and easy application. Very user-friendly online service.

- Aaron W.

Could not have been easier or nicer to work with.

- Tim W.

This was quick and easy, so excited to do this online with no hassle.

- Anonymous

After dealing with other agencies, this was a breath of fresh air.

- Gina R.

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