jon fritz life insuranceMy name is Jonathan Fritz, President and CEO of NoExam.com. NoExam was founded to bridge the gap between the life insurance industry and the modern consumer. My passion is to educate and inform individuals who are considering purchasing life insurance without a health exam.

Why I am Passionate about My Cause

One summer in college, I had just sat down to study for a final exam when I received a life-changing phone call from my parents. They informed me that my sister, Melissa, who had gone into the hospital hours earlier for a headache, had an elevated white blood cell count and that this could be an indication of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I immediately rushed home to be with my family, and on that evening, the diagnosis was made official.

The prognosis was serious and early determined a bone marrow transplant would be required. My family immediately began donating blood and platelets, while the doctors and nurses on staff searched the directory to find an even match. After an aggressive round of chemotherapy, it was determined that I would be that most sufficient match. The transplant took place shortly thereafter, but unfortunately, the bone marrow transplant was unsuccessful. Our family was left with only two options: Melissa would either spend the rest of her days within the comfort of her family or have one final stem cell transplant. The stem cell transplant had less than one percent success in the past and left us searching for other options. At this point my sister had decided to fight.

After receiving treatment for nine months at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, our entire family agreed it was time for a second opinion. We booked an Angel Flight to Houston to visit the renowned MD. Anderson Cancer Center in search of a more favorable option. However, with winds too severe for a commuter plane, the flight was cancelled. With limited time to wait around, our family rented an RV and drove to Houston that same day. We made the drive in 11 hours and were greeted with open arms and optimism from the doctors and nurses.

Over the following nine months, Melissa was treated with multiple rounds of extremely aggressive chemotherapy in preparation for a stem cell transplant that had a much higher success rate than our previous option. Throughout this period of time, my sister and her husband rented an apartment in Houston about two blocks from MD Anderson. She kept her friends and distant family informed with a profile on CaringBridge.org, and although she spent most of her days in the hospital, there were a few times when we were all able to gather at the apartment to rejuvenate and take a break from the ever continuing fight that is cancer. When the stem cell transplant finally took place, it too was unsuccessful. After an 18-month battle, the fight ended. Our family drove home, exhausted and drained.

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The Goal of NoExam.com

While on the surface this is a story about fighting, it was what was between the lines that mattered most to our family. At the time of the diagnosis, Melissa was a happily married 26 year old, full of life and working on her law degree at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. But in a moment’s notice, her life and our lives changed entirely. We didn’t know what we would face over those 18 months. As a result of my family’s experience, it has become my goal to educate people on life insurance, as well as to provide those services to them, all within an environment that caters to the mindset of current shoppers and their future generations. Our underlying objective is to best help those in need of guidance, information, and/or our services, wherever their paths may take them.

Our Location

AtlantaTech VillageOur office is based out of Atlanta, Georgia in the Atlanta Tech Village. Our address is 3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30305.

Stop by our office for a cup of coffee, or give us a call at 888-407-0714 if you have any questions or are in need of any assistance.

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