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Welcome to the new era of buying life insurance. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for individuals and families to shop for and buy life insurance online within a matter of minutes.


We founded as a resource to middle market consumers researching life insurance online. What’s the difference? We have removed the friction out of the traditional buying process by working with insurance companies to offer coverage via accelerated underwriting.

Co-founder & CEO
Jonathan is a co-founder and CEO of As CEO Jonathan is responsible for developing quality strategies that align with short term and long-term initiatives. Jonathan is responsible for overseeing operation and business activities to ensure they produce results that are consistent with the strategy and mission of the company. Jonathan Fritz holds a degree in risk management and insurance and received the MDRT Top of the Table award, the industry’s highest achievement.
Co-founder & Director of Digital Strategy
Jonathan is the Co-Founder & Director of Digital Strategy at In this capacity, he has overseen the digital success of NoExam and spearheaded the digital transformation of sales and marketing. He has been recognized by the media as a life insurance expert, and he is a licensed life insurance agent. In his role at NoExam, Jonathan looks to bring innovation to Insurtech through data and transparency. Jonathan also volunteers with Junior Achievement of Georgia and Hire Heroes USA.

In the Press

July 29, 2019
“Many people end up getting pressured into buying a more expensive whole life policy from a commissioned agent,” said John Holloway, a licensed life insurance agent and co-founder of digital life insurance brokerage In truth, term life insurance is what 90% of people actually need.
August 17, 2019
An analysis of 80,000 life insurance quotes by revealed that the best time to buy life insurance is in your 30s. Because age and health are two of the most important factors in determining rates, you'll get similar coverage at a lower monthly cost, writes Jonathan Holloway, a life insurance agent and the founder of
May 13, 2019
“If the payout is paid in installments, the interest that accrues on the payouts is taxable. The death-benefit is not taxable, only the interest on installments,” says Jonathan Holloway, co-founder of, a digital life insurance brokerage.
July 25, 2018
John Holloway’s insurance brokerage,, was honest with a customer from the get-go: He might not get a life insurance policy because he’d had cancer 10 years earlier. Holloway and his business partner, Jonathan Fritz, searched for an insurer they thought would be a good match and helped the customer with the application.
April 23, 2019
Unexpected and unjustified rate spikes should be a big red flag signaling it’s time to find a new provider, says Jonathan Fritz, who has more than a decade of experience working with property and casualty insurance and co-founded the site
August 1, 2019
Another way to save on life insurance is to purchase multiple policies, a practice that is called "laddering." For example, if you need $1 million of coverage at age 30 but only $500,000 at 40 and $200,000 at 50, then buy a 10-year-term $500,000 policy, a 20-year $300,000 policy, and a 30-year term $200,000 policy.

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